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Hi-Risk Responder

Hi-Risk Responder

HI-RISK RESPONDER is the trusted brand of medical and laboratory professionals in high-risk settings where performance is crucial and safety cannot be compromised.


Spec Sheet

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    • Optimal combination of comfort & strength
    • Passes ASTM D6978 to handle Fentanyl
    • Favored by clinicians who prepare, handle & administer harsh chemotherapy drugs
    • Silicone-free & touchscreen compatible
    • Pure nitrile prevents latex allergic reactions
    • Finger-textured finish for precise handling

    Material: Nitrile
    Color: Violet Blue
    Freedom from Holes: 0.65 AQL
    Texture: Textured Fingers
    Finger Thickness: 0.17 mm / 7.0 mil
    Glove Length: 240 mm / 9.5 in
    Powder Content: Powder-Free
    Sizes: XS - XXL

    1000 gloves/ case

    100 gloves/ box


    • US QSR/FDA 510(k) Medical Exam Grade
    • ASTM D6319, D5151, F1671, D6978-05
    • UL Certified NFPA 1999-2018 edition
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